Balchem®: Building a Better Future in Companion Animal Nutrition

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At Bill Barr & Company, we proudly collaborate with only the most innovative and forward-looking suppliers. It’s one of the ways we strive to raise the bar in animal nutrition. That’s why today we wanted to shine some light on Balchem, a supplier that is consistently pushing nutrition technology forward and working to create high-quality solutions.

Who Is Balchem?

Founded in 1967 by a diverse and dedicated team, Balchem Corporation (BCPC) is a New York–based global company that got its start in encapsulation technology. Over the years Balchem became involved in many different products and services in several markets, branching out to manufacture and market ingredients for food and nutrition, feed and companion animals, pharmaceuticals, medical sterilization, and other industrial uses. You could say they’re a multi-faceted master of nutrition solutions.

Partners in Essential Animal Nutrition

Balchem is a major producer of choline chloride, an indispensable nutrient in companion animal, swine and poultry diets. In 2017, Balchem approached the Bill Barr team to discuss a brand new Balchem PetShure® product portfolio launch. We were thrilled at the opportunity to play a role in this launch, and our partnership with Balchem was born.

Since Balchem is heavily focused in researching and developing their quality products, Bill Barr and Company continues to be integral in the sales, marketing and service side of the PetShure line. Our sales team’s pet food industry relationships and knowledge along with our distribution capabilities have enabled us to successfully market these technologies into companion animal products, despite the fact that choline is a newer ingredient in the pet food realm.

Digging in to the PetShure Product Line

The PetShure product line is not only innovative, it’s also quite diverse. It consists of five unique technologies:

  • PetShure Choline. This non-grain, non-GMO product is manufactured with the highest industry standards for choline production, and is a key nutritional ingredient in many pet foods.
  • PetShure pH Control Systems. Balchem put their expertise in encapsulation to work with controlled-release acidulants that help products retain color, texture and flavor and extend shelf life.
  • PetShure Structure and Forming Technologies. These unique value-added technologies are specialized for transforming protein components into high-quality, solid meat products.
  • PetShure Porosity and Texture Management. These encapsulated controlled-release leavening agents offer flexibility pre-baking and new options for product textures and calorie content.
  • PetShure Sensory Systems. These lipid-based products can add heat-stable color as well as flavor and aroma for improved sensory experiences.

On Your Side the Whole Way

We are so thrilled to have been part of the PetShure launch and to play a continued role in seeing these innovative products make waves in the animal nutrition industry. Be sure to view the full line at

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