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The Bill Barr team has always been committed to providing top-quality ingredients to pet and animal food producers. And because of this dedication, we choose our partners carefully. We want to ensure that we’re only representing top ingredient suppliers who are at the forefront of ingredient manufacturing and technology. In this post, we’re going to highlight one of our partners that is constantly pushing the boundaries of animal nutrition and show how we collaborate with them to achieve that goal.

AB Vista: Technological Pioneers

One company that is deeply invested in research and development for improved animal nutrition is AB Vista. With over 15 years in the business, AB Vista is one of the top three global suppliers of feed enzymes and is also one of the largest suppliers of yeast and natural betaine to the animal feed industry. AB Vista is consistently working to grow a portfolio of products that provide better performance in animal feed.

Better Feed through Top-Notch Products and Services

The AB Vista product line includes:

Quantum Blue. Quantum Blue phytase works to break down phytate more completely, thereby unlocking phosphorus molecules and other nutrients for improved performance or reduced feed costs. Quantum Blue is intrinsically thermostable and gastric stable ensuring effectiveness in the animal to deliver maximum phytate degradation.

Econase XT. A highly effective xylanase designed to break down dietary fiber to maximize energy utilization from the diet, Econase XT  has excellent dispersion in feed. It is also stable in a broad range of premixes and has proven results across a range of feed ingredients for poultry and swine.

Signis. This product is the industry’s first ‘stimbiotic’ accelerates the development of a fiber-degrading microbiome and increases nutrient digestibility to improve fermentation of fiber sources that would otherwise be undegraded. A dual acting combination of xylanase and xylo-oligosaccharide delivers consistent animal performance and reduced production costs.

Vistacell. Vistacell live yeast improves and stabilizes gut microflora, increasing the presence of beneficial bacteria. Research with Vistacell has shown increased number of piglets weaned and improved performance through gestation, lactation and nursery phases.

Not only does AB Vista offer top-performing products, they also supply services to further improve diet quality. These services include:

  • Feed Quality Service: This process uses near-infrared (NIR) technology to provide accurate analysis of nutritional components in feedstuffs, which in turn serves to optimize diet formulation and quality control.
  • Lab Service: Measuring enzyme activity is essential to quality control. AB Vista determines enzyme activity in premixes, feed, and product samples to help ensure consistent product quality.
  • Engineering Service: Engineering services helps support optimal enzyme application and feed processing conditions, so that customers get the best performance and value from their products.

AB Vista is considered a leader in animal nutrition technology, with cutting-edge products backed by world- class services. And as such, Bill Barr & Company was thrilled to partner with them to help boost their visibility.

AB Vista Meets Bill Barr & Co.

For over a decade, Bill Barr & Company has represented AB Vista as a sales agent in swine and poultry, primarily in the midwestern United States. Our team excels in strong customer relationships, and this trait has allowed us to promote AB Vista’s products, research, and services in a very real and active way.

A Team that Works for You

In a challenging and ever-changing industry, you need someone on your side who understands your needs and can provide unique solutions. Bill Barr & Company is proud to represent the best in the industry so that we can serve both supplier and customer alike. Want to learn more about how our team can offer you the solutions you’re looking for? Contact us today.

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