Buffers are used in animal feed to balance rumen pH and provide electrolytes for poultry and swine.


Buffers, like S-Carb and sodium bicarbonate are important in a healthy feeding program for dairy cows. They can also help broilers to maintain electrolyte balance.

Sodium Sequicarbonate

Genesis Alkali’s sodium sesquicarbonate, S-Carb®, is a mineral buffer used in dairy rations to maintain rumen pH, alleviate butterfat depression, and aid fiber digestibility. S-Carb® is also used in poultry diets to maintain electrolyte balance, improve heat stress tolerance, and dry litter.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Genesis Alkali’s also produces sodium bicarbonate out of Green River, WY that can be used in feed applications such as maintaining rumen pH in dairy rations.

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