Enzymes act as organic catalysts to increase the digestibility of nutrients


Feed ingredients often contain nutrients that are not naturally available to the animal. This can result in increased feed expense and significant nutrients in the animal’s waste. Enzymes increase the availability of these nutrients and improve feed performance.


AB Vista’s phytase, Quantum Blue, is the leading phytase in the animal nutrition market. As an intrinsically thermostable phytase, Quantum Blue leads to maximum phytate destruction. Feed producers can rely on Quantum Blue to reduce expensive phosphorous sources, directly maximizing diet cost savings.


AB Vista’s xylanase, Econase XT, is designed to improve the degradation of dietary fiber in order to maximize energy utilization. As the only intrinsically thermostable enzyme, Econase XT, consistently breaks down both soluble and insoluble arabinoxylans to help maximize NSP breakdown.

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