Team Spotlight: Get to Know Bill Barr

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Bill Barr

You may know that Bill Barr & Company has been a family-owned business since it started in 1956. But you may not have gotten to know our long-standing president, Bill Barr – and no, we’re not talking about the U.S. Attorney General.

A Leader in Business  

In 1970, after serving 2 ½ years active duty with the United States Army, Bill became president of Bill Barr & Company, the business his father had started nearly 15 years prior. Since taking on the role, Bill has been deeply involved in all aspects of keeping the business customer-centric and ever-adapting to the various ingredients that manufacturers rely on to improve their feed. 

Bill attributes the success of Bill Barr & Company to a number of unique aspects:

  • A nimble, knowledgeable team of dedicated employees. Bill highly values his employees, and the quality of workers shows in their knowledge of their industry and customers.
  • A strong consumer focus. Bill Barr & Company regularly tailors their products to meet the needs of the end consumer. “Consumers want ethical treatment of animals. They want animals that are well-nourished. This changes how everyone approaches business,” Bill was quoted saying in an interview with the Kansas City Business Journal.
  • Customer service and education. Bill and his team regularly offer resources and insight to their customers to help them make better-informed decisions and grow their success.

An Industry Influencer

Bill’s contributions to animal feed extend beyond his own company, however. Bill Barr & Company extended a corporate sponsorship to the Pet Food Department at KSU, and Bill and his wife Kim personally support a Professorship in the same department. In 2013 Bill was awarded the Alumni of the Year award for the Department of Grain Science at Kansas State University, and the following year he received the KSU Agricultural Alumni Association Distinguished Alumnus Award. Bill also served for several years on the Board of Directors of the American Feed Industry Association and ultimately as their Chairman. His contributions to the feed industry have been so numerous over the course of his life that in 2019 he was honored with the Distinguished Service Award from the American Feed Industry Association.

A Strong Community Member

Bill is also known for his many contributions to his community. He’s an active member of St. Ann Catholic Church, and is a long-time contributor and former board member for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Association of Kansas City. He was chosen as their Man of The Year in 2013.

More than a community contributor, Bill is a family man. He enjoys spending time with his family and growing group of grandchildren, and is affectionately known as Papa Bill.

A Continuing Inspiration

Everyone at Bill Barr & Company looks to Bill for his insight, experience and kind leadership. We’re proud to call him our president and leader of our team!

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